Resources for Photographers

So many resources, so much to learn! This page is a collection point for online resources for photographers. As we gain more knowledge on photography, we will add to our resources. Stay tuned.

Topic Resource Comments
General Online Resources
Photography Tips for Beginners 47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners | BL Blog Concise, well-illustrated photography tips, arranged in five categories for easy access. Great for beginners. Navigate to the BL Blog homepage for more photography tips and gear guides for the seasoned photographer.
A Learning Community for Photographers Cambridge in Color Cambridge in Color provides concise information, good tutorials, and ongoing forums concerning photography.
Tutorials on Photography Tuts+ Photography Tuts+ is a leading online site for teaching creative skills, including photography. You can access much of the site for free, but to gain more knowledge, you need to subscribe to their service.
Photography Tips and Articles Exposure Guide Part store, part resource site. Lots of inspirational materials. Check their "Photography Basics" and "Photography Tips" sections.
Online Dictionary for Photography A Glossary of Photographic Terms An online reference of photographic words and phrases, by All Things Photography, to help us "quickly master the 'language' of digital photography."
Intro to Exposure Exposure Basics A short introduction to exposure, with links to relevant topics.
ISO Exposure Basics: ISO A short introduction to ISO.
ISO ISO Sensitivity A general, illustrated discussion of how ISO works.
White Balance Tutorials: White Balance Information and tutorial on white balance by Cambridge in Color: A Learning Community for Photographers.
White Balance White Balance A short, illustrated article on white balance.
White Balance How to Set White Balance Discussion and examples on white balance by Ken Rockwell. He posits that setting white balance is your key to great color. See his examples; consider duplicating his experiments to better grasp WB.
ISO, White Balance, Exposure Compensation Button David Hessell's Blog: "Three Little Buttons" A brief, enthusiastic discussion by David Hessell of his favourite three butons: ISO, WB & Exposure Compensation. David taught our photography class for a couple of summers, and you may remember his emphasis on these controls. To read his article titled "Three Little Buttons," scroll (nearly) to the bottom of his blog.
Overview of Exposure Camera Exposure Introduction to ISO, aperture, and shutter speed by Cambridge in Color. Concept of exposure triangle covered.
Depth of Field Depth of Field: A Guide for Beginners Media Division provides a discussion of depth of field and guidelines for using it properly.
Aperture and Depth of Field Introduction to Aperture in Digital Photography Concise, nontechnical discussion of aperture and DoF by Digital Photography School. Helpful examples.
Aperture Settings What Is . . . Aperture? A somewhat technical discussion of aperture by Photoxels
Composition Techniques 14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos Brief explanations and well-illustrated examples on composition techniques.
Composition Techniques Ten Tips for Great Pictures Well-illustrated and memorable list of composition tips.
Composition Techniques Photography Composition: What Could You Be Doing Better? A rich resource, that defines composition; discusses why composition is important; provides information on visual design elements, rules of composition, and cropping photos; plus provides composition examples and exercises. Just keep clicking your way through the many discussions to learn more.
Rule of Thirds Rule of Thirds Colorful illustrations of the “rule of thirds” guideline.
Portrait Photography
Portrait Techniques 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits "Rule bending" techniques to put the wow in your portrait photography. Posted on Digital Photography School.
Portrait Techniques 10 More Tips for Stunning Portrait Photography More techniques to make your portrait photography pop. Also from Digital Photography School.
Portrait Tips 7 Tips Your Camera Manual Never Told You About Portrait Photography Good discussion of useful portrait techniques with helpful references to related articles.
Portrait Tips on Using Natural Light Natural Light Portraiture - Get A Little Known Secret! You Tube video on using natural light, the right lens, the best aperture settings and more in taking portraits outdoors.
Portrait Tips: Using Reflectors Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors - Photography Lighting Tutorial A You Tube video on using reflectors in harsh natural light.
Choosing the Right Lens Lens Buying Guide A fantastic reference guide covering basic lens features, types of lenses, and choosing the right lens and lens accessories.