Like most small community, non-profit fine arts organizations, we exist due to the work of many volunteers. Because we are open year around, we always need help to fulfill our mission: To enrich and educate our community through sharing and displaying fine arts in our gallery space, and offering workshops, studio space and classes that promote artistic expression, engage the energy and creativity of local artists, and inspire the novice. We are hoping you can help us. See suggestions below.

Gallery Attendant

Being a gallery attendant is a key volunteer position at the Fine Arts Center. It involves welcoming visitors; providing helpful information about the art on display, upcoming shows, and classes; and assisting visitors in making purchases. We provide ample training to ensure you feel comfortable in this position, and we encourage two volunteers to work a shift.

image of gallery at Fine Arts Center

General Volunteer

We have a running “to do” list and need volunteers for a variety of tasks throughout the year, including preparing for special events, hanging shows, organizing art materials, keeping our fine arts library in order, or helping keep the facility clean. These can be one-time occasional tasks for a specific event or it could be something done on a routine basis, depending on the time and level of commitment you would like to provide the art center.

Monique Ritter helps hang the Hooked on Salmon River Show.

image of a volunteer hanging a painting for an upcoming show

Committee Member

We have several committees that need additional help, including membership, grant writing and research, education, gallery, publicity and marketing, finance, facility and maintenance, and general housekeeping. Each committee has tasks at various skill and commitment levels that provide rewarding volunteer opportunities.

Joan Mullen gets the youth art 2-D studio ready for young artists.

image of volunteer painting design in youth art studio